Role/contribution of Some Characters in Harvest of Corruption

Comment on the role/contribution of any three of the following characters in the play — Chief Ade Aniaka; Ochuole; Aloho; Ogeyi; 1akubu; Inaku; Show Boy and Madam Hoha etc.


He is the Assistant Police Commissioner, stout and about 39 years old. With some tribal marks, he frowns all the time, thus looking like a no-nonsense officer. He is greatly agitated by the extent of corruption and embezzlement in ministries and wonders why no one has the moral courage to expose it He wonders how a madman is able to analyze societal decadence with such precision. He is not happy that the drug case is simply thrown out of the windows of the court but he is determined to investigate the case of embezzlement. Helped by Ogeyi, Aloha’s friend, the Assistant Police Commissioner- Yakubu, exposes all the corrupt people, namely, the Police Commissioner his boss, the Chief Justice, the Minister, Ochuole and Madam Hoha,


This is one of the minor characters in the play. Though, his appearance is brief yet it has great implications in the play. First, he gives a hint to the greed that characterizes the leaders, who are never contented with what they have unlike him. Indirectly too, he illustrates how leaders steal from public coffers to enrich and impress their mistresses. He aspires to become the president and when that happens, his ministers shall work in local governments while councilors shall be ambassadors. Finally, he recommends sanitation or “envrornenta” for ourselves not the country. This is not just comic but instructive and informative.


She is the proprietress of Akpara Hotel located at Darkin. Madam Hoha is tail and bulky and has some marks on her chicks that look like whiskers. She is the qreatest ally of Ochuole. Her hotel is the rendezvous for illicit transactions; It serves as a brothel for Chief Ade, the Minister to quench his sexual urge. At the same time, it serves as a warehouse for the storage of drugs before they are shifted to their destinations. Her hotel provides relaxation for people and for all these, she smiles home with huge profit. Madam Hoha collaborates in all the atrocities committed by Chief Ade and Ochuoie, hence, she is found guilty and sentenced to ten years with hard labour for her greed arid inordinate love of money and for operating a haven for criminality.


His name is Justice Odili. He is a Chief Justice. Though a minor character, he contributes to major incidents in the play. For instance, he receives bribe from Chief Ade, the Minister and acquits Aloha of drug peddling. Thus, he betrays the oath of justice and fairness. By this singular act of his, he has endorsed corruption. H Is greedy and avaricious. He pays dearly for his action, Justice Odill is sentenced to twenty years with hard labour.


He is a young vibrant Police detective. Inaku, a Police Inspector is a model of hope for the Police Force. He is diligent in his service and is not afraid of the high and mighty. He carries out a thorough but secret investigation which leads to the exposition of the corrupt practices of his overall boss — Commissioner, the Minister of external Relations, the Chief Justice and others.


He is a young Clerical Officer in the Ministry of External Relations. Hi is the one who leaks information of embezzlement of one point two billion naira to Police Detective Inaku as he gives him two thousand naira. He is corrupt and also betrays his oath of secrecy for revealing official secrets to Police.


He is courageous and upright. He is not tempted by materialism. His judgment is fair and sound notwithstanding who is involved. He defends his profession.

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