Corruption/Betrayal/Deception/Desperation in Harvest of Corruption

Discuss any of the Following themes in Harvest of Corruption:  Corruption/Betrayal/Deception/Desperation in Harvest of Corruption.


The theme of corruption manifests in several ways in the play, Young girls are ready to do anything just to make money and live big. Many die in the process like Aloho. Ochuole is identified as not being so bright in the University; yet, the system finds her worthy in character and learning. In Jabu, she is not only decently employed but connects other girls for employment. She acts as a recruitment officer for Chief Ade, the External Relations Minister. Through this, she extorts money from him. Chief Ado is a drug baron, a smuggler arid a chronic womanize He bribes the Customs, Police and the Judiciary so as to have his way. He impregnates Aloho and causes her untimely death after arrest for peddling drugs for Chief Ado.


Most of the characters in the play are guilty of betrayal. Aloho betrays her professed born-again Christian life, because of her desperation to get job. She also betrays her close confidant, Ogeyi, as well as her family as she is their hope. Ochuole betrays her womanhood because of her greed. Chief Ade-Amaka betrays his oath of allegiance to the nation as a Minister as well as his family for his involvement in very nefarious activities. The chief justice and the police commissioner are betrayers too in their various capacities. The same is applicable to Ayo, the Clerical Officer who divulges classified information to the police because of a little bribe.


Ochuole deceives Aloho and makes her get into drug peddling in the name of employment. Chief Ade also deceives Aloho by telling her to carry some documents, not knowing she is carrying drugs. The doctor deceives Aloho by prolonging the abortion when he knows that he cannot carry out the illegal but dangerous operation.


Aloho’s desperation to get a job quickly leads to her pregnancy and untimely death. Ochuole and Madam Hoha are desperate to hit jackpot in Jabs. The Minister, Chief Justice and Police Commissioner are desperate for wealth and are therefore ready to do anything to achieve their goals.


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