Mr. Ayodele Caleb Charley was born on the 27th of March, 1984 in Sierra Leone. The Blood of a Stranger, a play that won the best play award during Festac 77 in Lagos Nigeria, is set in the village of Mando, old Sierra Leone during the period of colonialism. During this period, the white men had cunningly penetrated the heart of Africa with their religion with which they exploited the gullible Africans. This play dramatizes the coming of the white man in Sierra Leone, first pretending to be interested in tobacco farming. But it turns out that he has come to explore and exploit the rich diamond deposit in Sierra Leone.

He uses the special adviser to the king to convince the king to accept his visit. The Chief Priest and the intermediary between the people and the gods is equally deceived. Things begin to happen in chains culminating in the tragedy that turns out to be the sacrifice of the blood of a stranger.


The Blood of a Stranger is a play that depicts the culture of the people of Mando village in Sierra Leone. The king’s adviser, Maligu, conspires with Soko, the Chief Priest of the village, to deceive the people. M IIJU tells Soko that he has just received a letter from his brother in the city stating that a Whiteman is to come to their town. The VVhiteman manipulates Maligu to believe that he is coming to start tobacco farming. He says he will employ some local people and pay them from the proceeds of the farm and repatriate some. Soko is to tell the King and the people that the gods have asked him to tell the people to welcome the stranger.

Kindo, the village warrior and son of King Santigi Mando is suspicious and vehemently opposes this idea of the King to accept the story of Soko and Maligu and allow a stranger into their village. Finally, the white man comes, begins his tobacco business, using money, tobacco, drugs and gin to spoil the people. He attempts to sleep with Wara, Kindo’s woman. The while man later kills the village Chief Priest and in turn, Kindo kills Mr. Parker, the white man’s right-hand man. The king of the land is angry with his son for spilling the blood of a stranger. For this singular act, King Santigi Mando, the King of Marido village banishes his sari, Kindo, the Chief Warrior of Mando village.

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