Significance of any two dramatic techniques used in Harvest of Corruption

Give an account of the significance of any two dramatic techniques used in the play.


This is one significant dramatic technique in the play. Aloho questions the rationale behind her waiting for God’s time so as to get a decent job. She is desperate. She gets that job which perhaps is not God’s time. Not only does she get pregnant thereafter, she dies Aloho is shocked that she is not guilty in court after she is caught at the airport with wraps of cocaine.

The madman laughs at the leaders for their Inept leadership and corrupt tendencies. The madman advocates, “Yes! Na sanitation we need abi na envronmenta by ourselves not de country” (p.24). Aloho thinks she is carrying documents to U.S.A but little does she know she is carrying drugs in the briefcase.


Show Boy, The madman, provides comic relief in the drama. In his ironical language, he paints a true picture of the society. He wants to be president, to steal all the money and give it to his wife. His ministers shall work in local councils while councilors shall be ambassadors. The mf1man finally recommends a panacea to this madness- corruption and he says: ‘Yes! I wan run this country well. No stealing… wetin them de call am: sanitation? Yes! Evromenta…Na sanitation we need abi na evromenta by ourselves, not do country”.

Thus, Show Boy, through his comic statements, advocates ethical rebirth and moral re-orientation and cleansing of OURSELVES not the nation.

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