The play-harvest of corruption is a contemporary African drama, ostensibly set in Nigeria. Although the name Jacassa represents the country and names like Malsama, Wassa, Jabu, Panya are used no doubt, they stand for and most importantly – Abuja (Jebu), the federal capital territory. Having said that, it is important to note that the background of the play is deeply rooted in CORRUPTION which has not only become pathological but endemic. It has become entrenched in the system to the extent that its impact can be felt everywhere and at all times. This is what forms the basis of this tragedy that has befallen the nation.


The Plot: The play is based on corruption which has become systemic in our national life, it exposes the looming danger that a country faces as a result of corruption. The play has not only exposed aspects of corrupt practices but goes further to indict corrupt persons. Desperation, greed, jealousy, unemployment among others have been identified as factors that induce corruption. Chief Ade-Amake is the minister in charge of external relations. He runs a drug cartel and uses his administrative office. Miss Ochuole, to recruit unsuspecting young and unemployed girls to traffic his illicit business. Madam Hoha provides the warehouse and poor Miss Aloho, the latest recruit and latest victim, paved the way for the grand exposition of chief Ade-Amaka. The police commissioner and the chief Justice are neck-deep in the tracks of Chief Ade-Amaka.

Aloho, the victim of this corruption is unemployed graduates. In one of her outings in search of a job, she runs into Ochuole, a schoolmate. Although Ochuole was notorious in her days in the university, she claims to have changed for good. She promises to help Aloho out of unemployment. Through her, Aloho is recruited as a protocol office to the honourable minister of external relations, She is to send some documents to his foreign partners in the U.S.A. On her maiden trip, she was arrested with wraps of cocaine. Ironically, the judge lets her off the hook or wants evidence. Later, Aloho is confirmed pregnant by Chief Ade Arnaka, She tries to abort it but is restrained by divine intervention. She later dies but her bosom frond, Ogeyi, takes up the matter and all the corrupt people are brought to justice.


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