The incidence of tragedy in Harvest of Corruption

Corruption is a national tragedy, it destroys not only the human body but also the soul. The Honourable Minister of External Relations is the Chief helmsman. He has agents who have sold their conscience to the devil, Ochuole is the anchorwoman who recruits desperate young ladies in search of jobs Pot Chife Ade-Amaka. Many of them die or are permanently maimed in the course of their illicit deals.

Aloho is one of such tragic characters in the play. Her desperation to pull out of poverty leads to her untimely death leaving behind a new horn baby. She was the hope of her family.

Chief Ade Amaka, the Honourable Minister, Ochuok his recruitment Officer, the Chief Justice, Odili, Police Commissioner etc. are all victims of corruption. They all are sentenced to various jail terms. This is tragic because of the scandal to their persons and family and the loss of their genuine contribution to society.

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