He is the protagonist. He occupies the ministry of external relations as the substantive minister. Chief Ade-Amaka is an epitome of corruption, deception and betrayal, OCHUOLE: She is one of the most outstanding female characters in the play. She is of average height and ‘gregarious” and her friends describe her as an extrovert. Through flashbacks, it is found that Ochuole lived a wayward life in her undergraduate days. She was not committed to serious academic work. Ironically, she came out in flying colours much to the surprise of her peers. Ochuole is a very pragmatic character even though she often applies it wrongly. She believes in using what she has to get what she wants.


She is slim and dark-complexioned and about 6ft tall. She dresses like a “born again” Christian. Alojo lives with her closest friend, Ogeyi, and both graduated from the same university. Aloho is a graduate of Mass Communication from Azuka University. Aloho started as a very modest lady but soon, she is swayed by materialism. Her desperation to secure employment pushes her to contemplate the unthinkable. She once said to Ogeyi “don’t you want to live in a good and big flat, wear decent clothes…?”


Miss Ogeyi is a graduate of Anuka University and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. She is a practical born-again Christian. She is warm-hearted and a friend indeed. Ogeyi is loving and compassionate and takes care of Aloho, providing shelter and feeding. Ogeyi works as a receptionist. In ABC Company, Ayokolo. In spite of all the challenges, Ogeyi remains resolute and unshakeable. She is ever satisfied with what she has and wants her friend, Aloho to do the same. Ogeyi frowns at those who excel through ill-gotten wealth.


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