The main focus of this play is corruption. The country, Jacassa, is riddled with corruption and corrupt people. The “honourable” minister in charge of external relations, Chief Ade Amaka is at the center of it all, He is alleged to have misappropriated millions of public funds. Besides, he is alleged to have embezzled one point two million (N 1.2 billion) naira. He peddles drugs and recruits desperate, young girls, mostly unemployed, to perpetuate his heinous act. He bribes everyone in his way and often boasts that money is not his problem. The Chief justice – Odil and the police commissioner are among his collaborators who clear his evil ways. He recruits, uses and discards young ladies and many of them die in the drug trips, not surviving to tell their ordeal. Aloha is caught in Chief Ade Amaka’s trap. Her first task after her employment is to carry drugs (documents) to the United States of America.


Chief Ade-Amaka is a betrayer. As the honourable Minister he betrays the oath of office, his dignity and his family as well as his public trust. By engaging in nefarious practices outside his core mandate, he has betrayed public trust. By sleeping with his female employees and impregnating some, Ike Aloho, betrays his conscience and his family.

Similarly, Aloha betrays her family as well as her closest friend and confidant. Ogeyi. Inspire of Ogeyl’s warnings aimed at curbing her unusual desperation, Aloho did not heed and she paid dearly for her uncompromising attitude. She died after giving birth to a female child. She was the hope of her family. Ochuole betrays her associates and her conscience. Aloha is one of the victims of her betrayal. She betrays the honourable Minister as she often puts pressure on him to part with huge sums to void being blackmailed.


Some characters in the play seem to be very desperate. For instance, Chief Ada Amka, the Honourable Minister in charge of external relations is a very desperate man, His insatiable quest for wealth and materialism drives him to engage in fraudulent things. He’s desperate to amass wealth, so, he is into drugs, He embezzled ministerial funds, he is desperate to sleep with every woman that comes his way, for instance, Ochuole, Aloho and others, on her part, Aloho’s desperation to get employment caused her life, Her friend, Ogeyi, warned her sternly but she did not relent, She denounced her born again stance in desperation. Her attempted abortion was born out of desperation to reunite with the society but providence had a different assertion. She died after childbirth.


One particular character who becomes a victim of deception is Aloho. In fact, her friend, Ogeyi remarks, I think, it is in that state of desperation that she was ready for any kind of job and so, she was deceived…“ Aloho was deceived by Ochuole and Chief Ade-Amaka, respectively. On his part, Chief Ade-Amaka deceives the Police Commissioner and Chief Justice by offering them huge financial benefits as if he had no ulterior motive. This is to pave his way wherever he is involved in illicit deals. The Assistant Police Commissioner works with a vibrant detective Inspector Inaku. Inspector Inaku deceives Ayo by offering him two thousand naira to divulge the official secret, thus betraying his oath of secrecy.

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