1. The constitution divided Nigeria into three regions – North, East and West.
  2. The constitution created a legislative and executive council for the whole of Nigeria.
  3. It also provided for regional assemblies.
  4. It provided for a bicameral legislature.
  5. The regional legislature never made laws.
  6. The legislative council made laws for the country.
  7. Still provided the governor with his veto power.
  8. The constitution still retained the elective principle with limited franchise.
  9. The constitution produced an unofficial majority into the central legislative council.
  10. It brought the North and South together under one legislature.
  11. The revenues of the country were made available to each region in the form of bulk grants.
  12. Members of the central legislative council were at the same time members of the regional councils.
  13. The regional councils were used as electoral colleges for representation in the legislative council.

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