Consumer Protection Council (CPC)

The CPC is a parastatal of the federal government of Nigeria, supervised by the Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment.


1. Providing speedy redress to consumers’ complaints through negotiation, mediation and conciliation.

2. Seeking ways and means of removing from the markets, hazardous products and causing offenders to replace such products with safer and more appropriate alternatives.

3. Publishing from time to time, a list of products whose consumption and sale have been banned, withdrawn, severally restricted or not approved by the federal government.

4. Causing an offending company, firm, trade association or individual to protect, compensate, and provide relief and safeguards to injured consumers or communities from adverse effects of technologies that are inherently harmful, injurious, violent or highly hazardous.

5. Organizing and undertaking campaigns and other forms of activities that will lead to increased public consumer awareness.

6. Encouraging trade, industry and professional associations to develop and enforce in their various fields, quality standards designed to safeguard the interest of consumers.

7. Issuing guidelines to manufacturers, importers, dealers and wholesalers in relation to their obligation under the CPC enabling law.

8. Encouraging the formation of voluntary consumer groups or associations for consumers’ well-being.

9. Ensuring that consumers’ interests receive due consideration at the appropriate time and providing redress to obnoxious practices or the unscrupulous exploitation of consumers by companies, firms, trade associations or individuals.

10. Registering and monitoring products, services and sales promotions in the marketplace.

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