Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON)

SON was established in 1971 as the statutory body vested with the responsibility of standardizing and regulating the quality of all products in Nigeria.


1. To organize tests and do everything necessary to ensure compliance with standards designated and approved by the council.

2. To undertake investigations as necessary into the quality of facilities, materials and products in Nigeria, and establish a quality assurance system including certification of factories, products and laboratories.

3. To ensure reference standards for calibration and verification of measures and measuring instruments.

4. To compile an inventory of products requiring standardization.

5. To compile Nigeria Industrial Standards.

6. To foster interest in the recommendation and maintenance of acceptable standards by industry and the general public.

7. To develop a method for testing materials, supplies and equipment including items purchased for use of departments of the government of the Federation or state and private establishments.

8. To register and regulate standard marks and specifications.

9. To undertake preparation and distribution of standard samples.

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