1. Refresher Courses and Training Programmes:

The public service can be improved by introducing fresh courses and providing training programmes that will enable them acquire the various skills needed to improve in their jobs.

2. Teaching Political Education in Schools:

Government should ensure through the ministry of education that political education is introduced and taught at all levels of education. This way, the young people in the public service can gain knowledge of political education that will enable them know their rights and duties to the government and vice-versa.

3. Use of code of Conduct Bureau:

The establishment of certain disciplinary code of conducts in workplace like government agencies, parastatals, ministries etc. will enable public servants to perform their duties well.

4. Establishment of Public Complaints Commission:

Government should ensure that a body like the public complaints commission is established to help check, listen, investigate and deal with cases of injustice, corruption and unfair treatment of citizens and unethical practices by public servants.

5. Effective legislative oversight function.

6. Press control.

7. Enhancement of due process mechanism.

8. Press control.

9. Value re-orientation.

10. Incentive for meeting set goals.

11. Job security.

12. Inculcation of discipline in the public service.

13. Improved working conditions/standard of living.

14. Professionalization of public service/recruitment of qualified personnel.

15. Control of undue red-tapism/bureaucracy.

16. Freedom of information.

17. Depoliticization of public service.

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