Public service can be defined as the entire organization of employees of various cadre, ranks, talent and training under ministries, commissions, government-owned banks and companies who carry out the responsibility of formulating and executing government policies and programs in specific areas.

Public services are government-owned corporations charged with the duty of providing essential services to the people at affordable prices. The employees of government agencies, ministries, boards or government-owned companies/corporations like the power holding company Ltd are called public servants. Such government agencies, boards, and ministries carry out the administrative functions of government by formulating (through budget preparation) and implementing government policies.

Pubic services can also be defined as those services provided or supported by the government, its agencies, ministries, boards or parastatals for the good and benefit of her people (i.e. the public). Some of such services could be in the areas of health care, transportation, electricity or more, which must be rendered at affordable prices. Public services are essential services rendered or provided at a non-profit basis.

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