TRAFFIC LIGHTS are specially designed sets of red, yellow (amber) and green lights, which are usually located at crossroads and road junctions to help direct and control the movement of vehicles and ensure smooth, safe and free flow of traffic.

In these sets of lights, each colour signifies a specific message to the drivers, pedestrians, and other road users. These lights are:

i. The red light signifies “stop/don’t go.’’ When this light shows, all vehicular movements come to a halt – i.e. stop temporarily.

ii. The yellow or amber light signifies or indicates “get ready’ When this light shows, it means or directs the driver to get ready to move.

iii. The green light signifies “go/drive.’’ When this light shows, all vehicles move in the direction of the light.

Note: These traffic lights are supposed to be obeyed by all road users in order to avoid accidents and traffic jams/hold-ups.

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