These rules are to be observed by pedestrians.

1. Walk through pavement or suitable footpath or overhead bridge where provided.

2. Do not walk on the kerb with your back to the traffic.

3. Look at both sides of the road before crossing.

4. Stay off the road if you hear a siren or see the flashing lights of emergency vehicles until you are sure the road is clear.

5. Do not get on or off a bus unless it is parked at a bus stop.

6. Do not cross the road when a traffic control officer/person has signalled traffic to move.

7. Do not also cross the road when the traffic lights are green or yellow, wait until the red light shows; when vehicles are expected to stop.


These rules are to be observed by drivers/ motorists.

1. Do not drive vehicles with worn-out tyres.

2. Do not sleep while driving. if you feel dizzy, do not drive.

3. Do not make phone calls or answer calls while steering. If you must make calls, then park off the road i.e. by the side.

4. When driving, always obey traffic signs

5. Do not wander unnecessarily from lane to lane; maintain one lane while driving on the highway.

6. Do not over speed; always adhere to the speed limit.

7. Do not reverse when you cannot see clearly behind. In such a situation, look for somebody to guide you.

8. Do not overtake on sharp bends/corners or a pedestrian crossing.

9. Do not overtake unless you are sure it is safe for yourself and other road users.

10. Once you start overtaking, move past the vehicle you are overtaking quickly. Avoid getting very close to the vehicle you are overtaking.


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