The physical features of Nigeria comprise rivers, rocks, hills, and mountains. The River Niger forms a very prominent feature of Nigeria because it is from the river that Nigeria derives its name.

The River Niger and River Benue are the major rivers in Nigeria. The two rivers form a conference at Lokoja. River Benue flows into the country from Cameroon Mountain and passes through Yola, joining the river Niger at Lokoja from where it flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

On the other hand, the River Niger flows into Nigeria from the Futa Jalon Mountain in the Republic of Guinea and then goes across the Republic of Mali and enters Nigeria through Kamba town in Sokoto State.

Note that the River Niger and River Benue provide the water basin for the greater part of the country.
Rocks on their part also form a major physical feature of Nigeria. Rocks such as Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic are found in almost all parts of the country.

Hills such as the Udi, Obudu, Jos, plateau, Idanre, and Asheke hills also form major physical features of Nigeria.
Furthermore, mountains also constitute another major feature e.g Adamawa Mountain.

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