Definition of History

History is as old as human existence. This is because no nation or people would possibly claim to have evolved from nowhere or without c historical antecedent for which they are known.

The word “History” simply means “enquiry”. The urge to know about something or a people gave rise to the study of history. The study of history, therefore, enables us to know about events that took place in time past, that is to say, that, history makes something or event, memorable. This is based on the ground that the present cannot do without the past likewise the future cannot do without the present.

Traditionally, History is defined as the study and/or knowledge of important past events. More richly, History can be defined as the total accumulation and/or continuous record of past events relating to human affairs or a particular nation/country, person, thing, etc., which is handed down from generation to generation.

It can also be defined as a systematic or critical account of or research into eventful past.

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