The remote causes can be traced to:

1. The structural imbalance of the federation.
2 The regional orientation of its politics.
3. The absence of shared national values between the diverse communities that made up the federation.
4. The abolition of the four regions by General Aguiyi Ironsi on May 24th, 1966, and the declared unitary state.
5. The politicization of the army, which promoted ethnic sentiment and favoritism.
6. The census controversy of 1962.
7. The general election crisis of 1964 and that of the western elections of 1965.
8. The counter-coup of July 1966 and the subsequent seizure of power by Lt. Colonel Gowon which Lt. Colonel Ojukwu refused to recognize.
9. The fear of possible domination by one tribe against the others under the unitary system.
10. The killing of political leaders of northern origin by the 1966 coup plotters and General Ironsi’s refusal to try them.

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