The effects of the civil war crisis are of two types namely the positive and the negative consequences.


1. the civil war kept the country united as an indivisible entity.
2. The civil war crisis led to the creation of more states in the country.
3. The civil war also taught Nigerians a lesson on self- reliance and possible technological advancement.
4. The civil war also helped to change Nigeria’s foreign policy and made our leaders to know who our true friends are in the global system.
5. The civil war led to the preparation and adoption of a new constitution.
6. The war led to the introduction of a new revenue allocation formular.
7. the crisis made the federal government to become more powerful as other states of the federation now depend on the central government for survival.
8. the war reduced the notion for secession by any ethnic group or state in the country.


1. The civil war crisis led to the loss of lives and properties.
2. The civil war left most towns and villages and the whole population wiped out.
3. The civil war shattered the unity for which the Nigerian Army was known before. The Nigerian Army was divided among ethnic leaning.
4. The civil war led to the abandonment of agriculture that consequently resulted to shortage of food.
5. The civil war depleted Nigeria’s foreign exchange reserves. That is to say that the war cost the nation a lot of money and property investment.
6. The civil war also led to the stagnation of economic activities in the country as many industries ceased to operate within the period.
7. The civil war also led to academic setback in the country as many Institutions of learning were destroyed and closed.
8. The civil war displaced a lot of families and made innocent citizens to suffer untold hardship.

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