1. The massive July and September killing of the Igbos in the North.
  2. The breakdown of the Aburi Accords held in Ghana.
  3. Ojukwu’s declaration of Eastern Nigeria as a sovereign state of Biafra on May 30th, 1967 after the Gowon-led military government had created twelve states out of the four regions.
  4. The imposition of Gowon as the Head of State after the counter-coup of 1966 instead of Brigadier Ogundipe. In view of this ugly trend, Ojukwu refused to recognize the Gowon-led military government because Gowon was not his senior in the army.
  5. The creation of twelve states and the declaration of state of emergency by Gowon on 27th May 1967.
  6. The declaration of total war on Nigeria by Ojukwu, the Governor of Eastern Nigeria
  7. The discovery of oil in the Eastern part of the country.
  8. The federal government determined to crush the rebellion and maintain the territorial integrity of Nigeria.

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