The late Stone Age is regarded as the evolution and/or emergence of the true man (Home Sapiens) and the stage covered the period between 15,000 and 500 B.C following the introduction of iron.

Thus, during that period, polished axe, very small flake tools, chisels and scrapers were in use to make pottery. Again, there was the presence of grinding stone as well as the fishing hooks and harpoons in the sites.

These allowed fishing activities to be carried out as at then. Hence, the sites of the late Stone Age were seen at Iwo Eleru near Akure in Ondo State, Ukpa Rock, Mejiro cave in old Oyo, Rop Rock shelter on the Jos Plateau and at Kursakata and Diama in Borno State.

All those earliest evidence of ancient Nigeria were discovered by archaeologists.

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