The origin of the Igbos was traced to different places.

Thus, the places in mind were Egypt, Israel and some other places in the Middle East. There was the notion that Igbo people did not exist before the 16th century. Hence, they did not have one specific historical origin.

However, one outstanding fact about the origin of the Igbos was that they were of the Negro whose race and lineage origins could not be traced to any place above the belt.

But archeological findings have shown that the Igbos were indigenous to Igbo land and had lived there from the earliest times.

This is evidently clear from the archeological works as it relates to Igbo-Ukwu. However, the Igbos are said to have all the time lived in Nri near Awka in Anambra state and the Orlu area of Imo state, from where they spread to other parts.

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