The Igbo-Ukwu civilization according to record, had been in existence before the advent of the colonial masters. Precisely, it flourished around 900 AD at Igbo-Ukwu, which is 40km southwest of the popular city of Onitsha, in Anambra State.

Thus, the existence of Igbo-Ukwu Culture was made possible following the discovery at Chief Isaiah Annozie’s compound at Igbo-Ukwu in 1938 and 1 respectively by one archaeologist called Thurstan Shaw.

Now, the principal works of Igbo-Ukwu are:

  • Copper wire links
  • Bronzes
  • A highly decorated ornamental styled pottery
  • Objects of copper like wristlets, belts, cylindrical staff ornaments
  • Vessels

Again, the Igbo-Ukwu pottery and vessels are recognized by their deep channeling and projecting bosses.

They are also decorated with some models of animals such as snake, ram head and chameleon.

Moreover, it is composed of copper and tin, and they are made through the lost wax method of casting. The casting resembled that made on woods, leathers and calabash.

To cap it all, the Igbo-Ukwu people are also involved in agriculture and are talented in craft-making as well.

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