The Hot Climate

THE HOT CLIMATE: This lie between latitudes 30°N and 30°S of the equator.

This type of climate is sub-divided into (i) Equatorial Climate. (ii). Tropical Continental. (iii). Tropical Monsoon. (iv). Hot Deserts.

Equatorial Climate is located within latitude 5°N and 5°S of the equator.

Areas found are Amazon Basin, South Africa, Zaire Basin, Congo Basin of central Africa etc.

Features of the Hot Climate

  1. The area is characterised with high uniform temperature throughout the year. Daily temperature is about 26°C while the annual temperature is about 3°C
  2. Rainfall is generally high (convectional rainfall) and well distributed throughout the year.
  3. The relative humidity of the area is constantly high (over 80%).
  4. Human activities carried out are fishing, hunting, lumbering etc. Plantation agriculture like rubber, Cocoa and Oil Palm.
  5. Distinct dry season is rare because no month that passes without a rainfall.

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