Tropical Moonsoon Climate

TROPICAL MOONSOON CLIMATE: Lies between latitude 23½°N and 23½°S of the equator. Areas found are Southern China, Pakistan, India, Thailand and Northeast Australia.

Hot Deserts Climate: Lies between latitudes of 15° and 30°N and S of the equator. Areas found are Sahara desert, which is largest, Namib Desert, Mexican desert, etc.

The Warm Temperate Climate: This lie between latitudes 30° and 45°N and S of the equator.

It is subdivided into:
i. Warm temperate western margin or Mediterranean.
ii. Warm temperate eastern margin.

Warm Temperate Western Margin (Mediterranean Type):

This is found between latitudes of 30° and 45°N and S of the equator. Areas found-Southern Europe (France, Italy, Portugal & Spain), North Africa (Morocco, Libya and Tunisia).


  • The mean temperature is about 17°C.
  • Temperature varies from about 21°C in the summer, which is hot and dry to 10°C in the winter, which is warm and wet.
  • Annual rainfall ranges between 600-760mm.
  • Human activities carried out are fruit farming, crop production and livestock farming.

Warm Temperate Eastern Margin (China Type):

This type of climate is experienced on the eastern side of the continent between latitudes of 30° and 45° of North & South of the equator. It is mostly found in central China, no wonder it is called China type.


  • The climate is characterised by warm moist summer and a cool dry winter.
  • The mean monthly temperature varies between 4° and 26°C with annual temperature range of 25°C.
  • Rainfall is moderate and ranges between 635mm and 1,524mm annually.
  • Rainfall in this belt could either be convectional or orographic.

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