This can also be found in the interiors of the continents i.e. between latitudes 450 and 60°North & South of the equator.

It is however called different names wherever they occur:

  • In Russia – they are called “Steppes”
  • In North America – they are called “Prairies”.
  • In Australia – they are called “Downs”.
  • In South Africa – they are called “Void”.
  • In Argentina & Uruguay – they are called “Pampas”.
  • In Hungary – they are called “Pustaz”.

This type of climate is subdivided into three namely: the cool temperate western margin, eastern margin and continental.

The Cool Temperate Western Margin (British type): This is also called oceanic or insular climate and is found between latitude 45° and 60° North & South of the equator. It is mostly experienced in Britain, France, Chile, and Spain.


  • The belt has a total annual rainfall of 500 to 2500mm.
  • Its relative temperature ranges from 4° to 17°C.
  • The vegetation has the presence of deciduous trees.
  • The mean temperature in summer is 16°C while in winter, it is 6°C respectively.
  • The belt has frequent cloud cover, Sunshine is not frequent thereby leading to day-to-day weather variation.

The cool temperate Eastern Margin (Laurentian type):

This occurs in the eastern part of latitude 400 & 500 North & South of the equator.


  • The mean annual temperature is 7°C summer—15°C to 24°C, winter -9° to 7°C.
  • Rain is experienced every month yearly.
  • The belt has a relative humidity, which is generally high throughout the year.

The Cool Temperate Continental:

This is mostly found in the interior of the continents or grassland in the mid-latitudes.


  • The belt has a mean annual temperature of about 4°C summer temperature 18°C while that of water is 19°C. This shows that the temperature falls below freezing point in the winter.
  • Rainfall is light with average rainfall of about 400-600mm annually depending on the location.
  • Rainfall is usually the convectional type.
  • Its relative humidity is usually high, especially in summer when most of the rains occur.
  • The belt is dominated by temperate grassland, which varies in seasons.

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