Cold Climate

This type of climate mostly occurs in the Northern hemisphere. lt lies between latitude 50° & 65°C north of the equator. Areas found are Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland and most especially in Siberia in Asia where the predominant vegetation is coniferous forest. This of course gives it the name “Siberian Climate”

Features of Cold Climate:

  1. This belt experiences severe long cold winter with a brief cool summer.
  2. Its mean annual temperature is about 5°C. The coldest month is January, with a temp of —11°C in Moscow and — 28°C in Churchchill, Canada. The warmest month is July, with a mean temp of about 20°C in Moscow and 12°C in Churchchill.
  3. The annual range temp is 30°C in Moscow and 40°C in Churchchill.
  4. Rainfall is well distributed throughout the year with a total of 380-635mm rainfall annually. Most of the rain occurs in convectional form.
  5. The summer periods experience longer days while the winter periods experience shorter days.

NOTE: This type of climate is subdivided into two — i.e. the polar/ice and Artic tundra climates.

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