The Blood of a Stranger is a tragedy, discuss.

The Blood of a Stranger is indeed a tragedy. It is not just a man’s tragedy; it is the tragedy of the entire village of Mando. The tragedy begins with the falsehood of Malige dc king’s adviser. His greed pushes him to connive with a white man to deceive the village. Ha goes further to deceive Soko, the Priest, who also lies against their gods because he is promised money. Thus, the white man comes, but rather than the tobacco farm, he spoils them with foreign gin, hard drugs and tobacco. Everyone is drunk and they misbehave publicly. Indeed, the entire village goes haywire.

For personal hatred against Kindo, Maligu and Soko conspire and put Wara in a sack and send her to Whitehead to be raped. Again, whitehead is not comfortable with Kindo’s disposition. He plans with Maligu to get rid of Kindo. Meanwhile, Soko is no longer happy with Whitehead’s plan and wants to pull out. He is killed. For killing the mouthpiece of the gods by the white stranger, Kindo kills Parker. The Whiteman is unhappy with the killing of his right-hand man, hence conspires with Maligu and they advise the king to banish Kindo, Whitehead is killed and Kindo is finally banished.

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