With Reference to any incident in the play, say why she stoops to conquer is regarded as a comedy.

She stoops to conquer can be rightly described as a comedy of errors. Soon after the play started, Mrs. Hardcastle, old as she was, began to pester the husband to take her out on a picnic at least for assisting in London. She described their house as an inn although they did not receive guests. Mr. Hardcastle replied by telling her that he loved everything old including an old wife. This annoyed Mrs. Hardcastle who always thought she was young. This particular scene was comic.

We are to witness another comic scene when Tony Lumpkins directed Young Marlow and Hastings wrongly to the house of Mr. Hardcastle, he described it as an inn. He did it intentionally to pay back Mr. Hardcastle for his disapproval of his (Lumpkins) character. Thus, in Hardcastle’s own house, he was regarded as an inn-keeper with his daughter who they have come to marry as a servant or maid, Mr. Hardcastle treated them as his guests but they acted rudely to him, These incidents provided a lot of fun or amusement They did not generate crises because they were resolved peacefully and the characters were happy at the end; hence, the book is a comedy.

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