Archaeological findings have proved that the Benin kingdom had one of the earliest cultures in Africa in particular and the world In general.

Just like the Igbo Ukwu culture, it had long been in existence before the coming of the white man. The people of Benin are mainly craftsmen and farmers.

Thus, their main artworks included:

  • Bronze and brass heads and figuring stools and vessels.
  • Pot shed pavements that are similar to those of Ife.
  • Manilas, bracelets, and beads.
  • Square bronze plaque purposely for the decoration of the walls of the Oba’s Palace.
  • Carving etc.

Meanwhile, it is believed that the Benin people learned their brass casting skills from Ife about the 17th century.

Hence, the Benin carving and castings are decorated with figuring of human beings as portrayed by the bronze plaques.

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