The Ife culture was a developed civilization and that was exemplified in their ironworking and craft specialization. Hence, Ife culture dates back to the period between the 6th and 10th century AD.

Thus, the Ife artworks include the following:

  1. Terracotta and brass molding in bronze which resembled human heads and that of other animals
  2. Potsherd pavement and it was a future of Ife house pattern.

Thus, the brass heads are of life sizes and one is mainly made of copper and zinc. Again, some are made of copper alone. In addition, the Ife artworks or terracotta have vertical facial marks on them.

Note that Ife came to the limelight as a major sculptural centre in Nigeria in 1910 when a German ethnographer – Leo Frobenius, dug out a life-size bronze head wearing a crown in the Olokun Grove.

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