1. Immunity Clause: The immunity of the president or governor makes it difficult to indict him and talk more of appearing in court. This privilege limits the rule of law, as such privileges are not granted to other citizens.

2. Emergency Situation: During periods of emergencies resulting from political crises, rule of law is usually undermined and any talk of it is just mere wishful thinking.

3. Diplomatic Immunity: Diplomats are not arrested or prosecuted no matter their crime. This of course limits the rule of law.

4. Inadequate Judicial Independence: In most developing countries, manipulation of the judiciary by the government in power is well pronounced. In some cases, the manipulation comes in the form of monetary inducement, and threat among others.

5. High level of illiteracy: One of the problems that militate against the successful operation of the rule of law is illiteracy. In most of our societies, the level of illiteracy is so alarming that people suffer a lot of deprivation due to ignorance of the law usually caused as a result of illiteracy.

6. The insane do not exercise their rights: Mad or mentally retarded people do not know what rule of law is all about and talk more about its violation.

7. Military dictatorship: Military administration is unconstitutional; hence, its existence limits the application of rule of law. This is because they do not uphold the tenets of rule of law.

8. Delegated legislation also violates the tenets of rule of law.

9. Delay in the adjudication of cases: Justice delayed is justice denied. The delay usually experienced in passing judgment by the court of law is really worrisome and does not conform to what obtains in the western world.

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