In a federal government, political powers are constitutionally shared into exclusive, concurrent and residual lists.

Exclusive List:

This is the power constitutionally vested only on the central/federal government in the areas of currency control, foreign affairs, Defence, Aviation, Customs, Armed Forces (Army, Air Force, Navy and Police etc), and Immigration cum Emigration. All these functions are exclusively carried out by the federal government.

State Exclusive List:

This is the power constitutionally vested on states/regional governments in the areas of state Civil Service Commission, State Council of Chiefs, State Judicial Service Commission and Local Government Service Commission.

Concurrent List:

Under this list, powers are jointly shared by central federal authority and state or regional authority. Issues on the concurrent list usually border on education, health, roads, housing, agriculture, communication etc. Note: in the event of any conflict in the exercise of the concurrent list, the federal government’s decision overrides that of the state government.

Residual List:

This is the power usually exercised by the state o’ regional government through the local government authorities, issue on the residual list usually borders on markets, primary education, motor parks, maternity/health centres, chieftaincy affairs etc.

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