These are;

  1. obedience to the law of the land;
  2. obedience to laid down rules and regulations;
  3. obedience to traffic laws;
  4. obedience to the constitution;
  5. respect for our national symbols such as the national flag, national anthem, national pledge, currency, coat of arms;
  6. voting during elections and standing to be voted for;
  7. readiness and willingness to serve the nation when called upon;
  8. respect for air president, governors and other government functionaries;
  9. to pay allegiance to the country;
  10. readiness and willingness to defend the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country;
  11. readiness and willingness to participate in the politics of our country so as to discourage political apathy; and
  12. readiness and willingness to enthrone popular participation in our politics in order to bring a truly representative government.

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