• Maintenance of Law and Order: They also help to preserve and protect the rights of citizens and/or members, Ensure the smooth running and development of an organization, society or institution.
  • Helps to maintain the security of the lives of the people they govern or rule.
  • Help to provide basic amenities like roads, hospitals, schools, recreation centres, town hail, electricity etc. which promote the development of the society.
  • Constituted authority facilitates the execution/implementation of the programmes of the society or group.
  • Helps assists in formulating policies and making decisions on behalf of the entire members of the society or group.
  • Constituted authority arbitrates when there is conflict among members of the society or group.
  • Constituted authority provides role models for the members of the group or society.
  • Constituted authority ensures stability and continuity in the society.
  • Constituted authority helps to maintain good interpersonal/inter-communal relations.
  • Constituted authority enhances openness/transparency/accountability.
  • Helps in smooth transition/change of leadership.
  • It provides employment to the people.
  • It provides direction/focus to the followers.

Constituted authority especially the religious type help to bring people closer to God and build their faith in Him. Makes and enforces laws: Constituted authority makes laws, rules and regulations and enforces them in order to ensure the peaceful and harmonious existence of the people they govern or rule.

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