1. Provided for an executive president to be both the Head of Government and Head of State.
  2. The president, governors and legislature can only be removed from office through impeachment.
  3. Provided for the office of vice-president.
  4. Any aspiring president must attain the age of 35 and must be a Nigerian by birth.
  5. Introduced the principle of separation of powers and the principle of checks and balances.
  6. Provided for a bicameral legislature at the centre, which comprised the senate (upper house) and the House of Representatives (the lower house).
  7. Establishment of a new federal capital territory.
  8. Abolished the power of prime minister.
  9. Sanctioned the delimitation of Nigeria into 19 states.
  10. Established a judicial service commission.
  11. Provided for a public complaints commission, code of conduct Bureau and tribunal.

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