The developments and achievements of El-Kanemi could equally be discussed under the following headings:


El-Kanemi eliminated the Mai dynasty and replaced it with the Shehu dynasty. He also moved the capital to Kukawa and became the first Shehu in Borno.
He equally built a strong army and reconquered the vassal states that had broken away at that time. Such vassal states were Hadeija, Katagum and Missau.


  • When El-Kanemi’s people of Kanembu settled in the land, they intermarried with the Borno people
  • There was a promotion of trade and the construction of good roads.
  • Ei-Kanemi encouraged Islam and that made the Borno people to become Muslims automatically even though they refused Islam in the early days.
  • He fought and stopped prostitution in Borno.
  • He brought sanity to the entire empire.

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