The conditions that were responsible for the El-Kanemi’s ascendancy to Borno’s throne could be viewed from different angles. Thus, the angles in question were Political, social, economic and otherwise.

Politically, Borno had no effective government and their army was not strong.

Again, Borno produced weak rulers (e.g. Mais Ali, Ahmed and others) and that became their weak point.

Socially, the minority groups like Fatala, Shua, Arabs and the Tuaregs felt dissatisfied and they opposed the government strongly.
Economically, Borno was financially weak and that brought about decline in trade there.

And as a result, they were helpless and sought and received the help of a Kanembu scholar and military leader, Mohammed El-Kanemi. Hence, El-Kanemi helped Borno in two different occasionns and it regained its empire.

However; in return, El-Kanemi requested a piece of land from Mai Dunama. And when his request was granted, El-Kanemi set up his capital at Kukawa and took over the Borno empire.

Thus, El-Kanemi and his descendants were recognized as the actual leaders of Borno as from 1814 though they allowed the Mais to remain as figureheads without any useful function or power.

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