The Nupe Kingdom

The Nupe people lived in the low basin of the Niger-Kaduna confluence. The kingdom according to history was founded between 15th to 16th century by the son of the Attah of igala, Prince named Tsoede or Edegi.

History also has it that the king of Igala usually sends one of the sons Tsoede to go and collect the tributes of the Nupe people, who were under the overlordship of the Attah of the Attah of Igala, and to whom they paid annual tributes.

According to history, during one of the prince’s trips to Nupe, he met a beautiful girl and settled at Nupeko and later went down to Gtara from where he laid the foundation of Nupe kingdom with the girl named Nku – a Princess.

The Nupe Economy

The Nupe people were good traders, farmers and fishermen. They were also good in craft. Among the Nupe craft found in the market are bronze, glass and clothes. In a nutshell, the economic sector of the Nupe kingdom was highly organized and as such they had a very good relationship with other peoples of Nigeria before and after 1800.

The Socio-Political Organization

The socio-political development of the Nupe people was based purely on a feudal system as the Etsu (King) was the overall head of the kingdom. As the spiritual head, he usually put on s white dress, and it was a taboo for any one to be put to death in his presence and in the town where he lives.


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