Characteristic Features of political Patties

1. Contesting Elections: Political parties’ main motive is to vie for election and gain the rein of power in government.

2. Leadership: To control the affairs of a country and influence decisions to put their ideologies into practice.

3. Ideology: They are organized like-minded persons with common neology seeking to win the election. For instance, ‘Change” by All Progressives Congress.

4. Campaign and Rallies: They reach out to all corners of the country campaigning for support and also seeking membership.

5. Manifesto: Political parties usually have a manifesto, which they use as their major campaign tool,

6. Minorities: Political parties serve as an avenue where minority groups are adequately represented and their views made public.

7. Training: Political parties serve as a training ground for future political leaders.

8. Nomination: Political parties serve as an avenue where eligible candidates are selected or chosen to contest elective posts.

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