Air Transportation

This is the type of transport that makes use of Jets, Helicopters, Aeroplanes etc. The body that controls air transportation is the Nigerian Airways Authority. Air transport also makes use of airports or aerodromes. Airports are places where aeroplanes land and take off.

Advantages of Air Transportation

  1. It is the fastest means of transportation.
  2. There is better security in air transport compared to other means of transport.
  3. Perishable goods could easily be conveyed through air transport.
  4. It is termed the most convenient and luxurious type of transport.
  5. It is used for warfare.

Disadvantages of Air Transportation

  1. It is the most expensive and cannot easily be reached by the ordinary man.
  2. Air accident is always disastrous.
  3. Flight could be disturbed by weather.
  4. It does not providing door-to-door services.
  5. It does not carry bulky goods.

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