Road Transportation

This is one of the commonest types of transportation in Nigeria. Road transport is carried out by means of motor vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, cars, buses, lorries and trailers and by foot.

Advantages of Road Transportation

  1. It is relatively cheap.
  2. It accelerates the evacuation of food items from areas of abundance to areas of scarcity.
  3. It also saves time, as passengers are not usually stranded for a longtime.
  4. It can render door-to-door services,
  5. Cost of maintenance is low compared to other means of transport.

Disadvantages of Road Transportation

  1. Incessant road accidents 2. It is slow for long journeys.
  2.  Incessant traffic congestions or holdups.
  3. Bulky goods are not easily carried.
  4. Unnecessary embarrassment by security agents like policemen
  5. At certain times of the year, some roads are not motorable

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