Railway Transportation

The establishment of railway lines in Nigeria could be attributed to the colonial masters. The railway transport makes use of train and rail taxi to move goods and passengers.

Advantages of Railway Transportation

  1. It is the cheapest means of transportation.
  2. It carries relatively bulky goods.
  3. It is good for long journeys.
  4. Canteen services are provided.
  5. There is less accident cases compared to other means of transport.
  6. Goods are weighed and charged on standard rates.

Disadvantages of Road Transportation

  1. Railway lines are costly to build.
  2. Train is costly for individual ownership and maintenance.
  3. It wastes time.
  4. Does not provide door-to-door services.
  5. It is the slowest of all types of transportation.
  6. There is high degree of pilfering in railway transport.
  7. Train journey is not a clean one especially with the type of coaches we use in Nigeria.

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