Sea Transportation

This is referred to as water transportation and it is used in transporting bulky goods and persons across countries that have seaports. The means of sea transportation are as follows: Canoes, Boats, Ship, Steamers, Ocean liners etc.

The sea transportation is divided into:

a. Inland Waterway: This consists of traveling along River Niger and River Benue or other local rivers in Nigeria.

b. International Transport or Ocean Navigation: This consists of sailing on oceans and seas using ships for traveling from one continent to another.

Types of Ship

1. Cargo Ship: Used in carrying bulky goods.

2. Passengers Ship: Used in carrying large number of passengers.

3. Tanker Ship: Used in carrying crude oil.

4. Refrigerator Ship: Used in carrying only frozen foods such as fish, meat vegetables and fruits.

5. Container Ship: Used in carrying big containers of goods.

Advantages of Sea / Water Transportation

  1. It is the most convenient and easiest way of conveying bulky goods from one country to another.
  2. It is relatively cheap when compared with other types of transportation.
  3. Sea transport is less prone to accident i.e. accident is not rampant.
  4. Risk coverage is minimized as a result of the insurance policies.

Disadvantages of Sea / Water Transportation

  1. It lacks speed thereby making the means of transport slow.
  2. Poor navigation.
  3. There is high degree of pilfering.
  4. Boats and canoes are sometimes subjected to terrible sea waves.
  5. Sea port congestions often cause delay.
  6. It requires high capital expenditure.

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