Pipeline Transportation

This type of transportation came up as a result of the advent of oil in Nigeria. The pipeline transportation is mainly used for the transportation of liquid, gaseous materials and crude oil. It does not carry person(s).

Advantages of Pipeline Transportation

  1. It cools the high pressure and temperature of gases.
  2. It is cheap and save for conveying crude oil and other gaseous material
  3. It also cools the corrosive nature of gaseous materials
  4. It eliminates accident

Disadvantages of Pipeline Transportation

  1. It is expensive at initial Construction
  2. Agricultural land is wasted.
  3. It does not render door-to-door services
  4. Incessant oil spillage causing damage to aquatic animals.
  5. It also leads to destruction of fertile soil.
  6. There may be illegal tapping of crude oil.
  7. Pipes could be damaged without been noticed resulting to a lot of wastages

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