The following are some of the suggested ways of promoting national consciousness, national integrity and unity in our country, Nigeria:

1. Promoting good governance and observing strictly the basic fundamental human rights as enshrined in the United Nations Organization’s charter.

2. Promoting equity, justice and fairness in the distribution of national revenue and projects among the different ethnic groups in the country.

3. Promoting the establishment and ideals of national institutions such as the National Youths Service Corps (NYSC), unity schools, federal character commission etc.

4. Encouraging inter-ethnic marriages amongst the various ethnic nationalities.

5. Recognizing and respecting our national symbols such as the national flag, national Anthem and pledge as our bond of nationhood.

6. Inculcating right values, morals, religious beliefs and discipline in the citizens.

7. Encouraging public enlightenment and sensitization on the importance of civic/societal values/use of mass media.

8. Encouraging national unity and understanding through healthy competitions, politics, sports and festivals.

9. Promoting national interest above personal interest/patriotism.

10. Recognizing and rewarding excellent performance/services of the citizens to the nation/country through national awards and other regional honours.

11. Ensuring the implementation of the NYSC posting policy of corp-members outside their respective cultural areas of origin.

12. Promoting friendliness and hospitality of Nigerians to follow citizens notwithstanding cultural differences.

13. Promoting team work/co-operation on societal/national issues.

14. Promoting responsible parenting/upbringing.

15. Introduction of relevant subjects in the school curriculum.


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