Ways by which employment can alleviate poverty

Poverty as a situation of lack of basic necessities of life like food, shelter, and clothing is caused by unemployment — i.e. when one is idle and has no means of livelihood. So, employment can help alleviate poverty in the following ways.

1. Provision of income: When a person is gainfully employed, it affords him/her the opportunity to fend for himself and his family such as the provision of food, clothes, shelter, payment of school fees etc.

2. Economic Growth: Employment stimulates economic growth in the life of every nation. When the citizens of a country are provided with gainful employment, it makes them be less dependent on the government and as such government can use the resource at its disposal to build and develop other basic infrastructure which in turn boost economic growth.

3. Standard of Living: Employment also promotes the living standards of a country’s population. It goes a long way in reducing the mortality rate due to sickness which could happen when one does not have money to go to the hospital for medical attention.

4. Stimulates Savings and Investments: Employment encourages savings and investments in a country which boost wealth creation.

5. Crime Reduction: Employment also goes a long way in reducing the rate of crime in our society. When a large number of youths of a country is gainfully engaged in productive ventures, they tend to be less prone to criminal activities which inevitably leads to a reduction in crime.

6. Creation of Wealth: When the population of a country is gainfully employed, it helps to generate funds through the payment of taxes and rates which government can use to develop other sectors of the economy.

7. Employment also promotes industrial growth and sustainable production of edibles.

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