Some of the ways of promoting and preserving our traditional beliefs and customs are as follows:

1. Youths should learn to watch native Nigerian movies, organize traditional festivals and participate in traditions and/or other cultural activities/celebrations.

2. Youths should be encouraged to learn about religious traditions and their various institutions.

3. Youths should be encouraged to learn and speak their ancestral dialect or language.

4. Spending time with elderly members of our community and learning about cultural heritage with an emphasis on character mouldings through storytelling.

5. Schools should organize trips to cultural heritage sites.

6. Parents should give their children basic cultural orientation.

7. Government and other organizations should organize and promote cultural programmes and initiatives.

8. Youths should identify more with their culture, visit their hometowns and learn about their historical evolution.

9. Teenagers and youths should be encouraged to put on native clothes and cook and eat native recipes/foods.

10. Youth should desist from practising and imitating the culture of other people, usually caused by excess Viewing of foreign movies.

11. Nigerian native languages should be taught in elementary and secondary schools, even in tertiary institutions.

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