Trade Unions

They are pressure groups made up of people with common interests who seek to pursue their interests by influencing government decisions on matters affecting them.

The aim of trade unions is to achieve a favourable decision on policies affecting their members and not to take the rein of power like political parties. Trade unions unlike civil society organizations are primarily concerned with the welfare of their members.

They protect their interest as well as bargain for improved working conditions thus helping to fight and defend the fundamental human rights of its members.

This group consists of:

i. Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT).

ii. Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC).

iii. Nigerian Bar Association (NBA)

iv. Nigerian Medical Association (NMA).

v. National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW).

vi. Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU).

vii. Trade Union Congress (TUC).

viii. Nigerian Union of Journalists (NW).

ix. Newspapers Proprietors Association of Nigeria (NPAN).

x. Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU)

xi. Non-Academic Staff Union of Universities(NASU)

Functions of Trade Unions as Pressure Groups

1. They protect the interest of their members both individually and collectively.

2. They influence government policies on matters affecting them through dialogue, consultation and lobbying

3. They act as watch-dogs over public policy

4. There provide welfare services to people.

5. They educate members on their political and economic rights.

6. They offer expert advice to the government and the people.

7. They serve as a link between the people and the government

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