THE TRUSTEESHIP COUNCIL: Is an organ of the United Nations empowered to manage the affairs of the territories taken away from Germany after their defeat in the Second World War, pending when such territories are granted independence. The Trusteeship council consists of:

    1. Permanent members the Security Council.
    2. States, which are administering trust territories.
    3. States not involved in administering trust territories.
    4. Other members of the General Assembly elected only for a three-year term by the assembly.



  1. Helps the General Assembly to supervise all the United Nations Trust territories.
  2. The council considers reports submitted by the administering countries.
  3. The council visits the Trust territories periodically to assess the level of progress in such territories.
  4. The council accepts and considers petitions from the administered territories.
  5. The council helps the Trust territories to achieve their political independence.
  6. The council ensures economic, social, cultural, scientific and educational development of the Trust territories.

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